About Us

Founded in 2014 by Matt Harrington and based in Melbourne, Australia - Köro Clothing Co, the modern future of streetwear - Represents a clean, minimalistic approach to streetwear that creates effortless style for men. Focusing on quality and design over quantity, the brand continues to keep progressing and pushing the boundaries of high street-wear.

Building a reputation for our minimal, monochromatic designs and over-sized/elongated cuts and fits, the brand has now established good foundations in both Melbourne and Sydney and has gained attention overseas in such places as LA and New Zealand. Now with the release of the brands new Spring/Summer collection "X1 Series" it looks to not only continue growing it's foundations in both Australia and Overseas, but continue growing as a brand itself.

Our aim is to create effortless style for men, to break down boundaries and keep pushing and progressing streetwear to new limits. To continue evolving and bringing new styles and products to today's youth.

                                                                  'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'
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